Scar to Scar

scar-to-scar-front-coverI’m thrilled to announce the publication of a new chapbook written in conjunction with my dear friend and stellar poet, Robbie Coburn. Scar to Scar was conceived when Robbie sent me a poem and I replied, in kind, with a poem I ‘found’ within his, re-ordering his original text as a form of poetic alchemy.

Our collaboration developed over the next few months, in part due to the impetus of Kit Kelen’s Project 365+1, which requires writers to publish a new poem every day for a month. Before we knew it, Robbie and I had enough poems to fill a small book, and so we did! The result is Scar to Scar, which has just been published by the excellent PressPress.

Thanks to Robbie for sharing his beautiful words with me, and to Chris Mansell, from PressPress, for publishing them. This book is very close to my heart and it’s wonderful to see it out in the world.

You can purchase Scar to Scar from PressPress, or contact me for a signed copy. You can read a review of the chapbook on Rochford Street Review.

And to whet your appetite further, here are the original pair of poems which started it all…



Robbie Coburn

within landscapes

sealed off   and positioning the body

you watch the breath enter the stilled atmosphere.

along the blade    poised

against your palm

where blood begins to run,

the framed nature of panic

is forgotten.

the wound is only preservation, remember.

when the skin begins to fail

blood draped along the decayed bone-lines

a pulse will run along the nerve ends.

you corner the vein and drive the object in again

finding a point of collapse —

with the same impulse the passage will lead you back.

for a while the red painted on your arm

feels distant

your body does not belong to you.

in this   there is



Counter Scars

Michele Seminara 

the cry of my voice is enough

to collapse skin.

becoming survival

you cross    a passage

preservation wounds


the panic of blood

against blade along poised palm


my breath enters

your sealed