Engraft – A Sneak Peak!

Good Lord, it’s a book! My first poetry collection, Engraft, has just been published by Island Press, one of Australia’s oldest and most well respected independent poetry publishers. Which is all rather exciting!

Here’s a sneak peek from the book:


up on the plateau
dog running sprightly in the wind
ears flapping triumphantly
teeth bared in what is surely a grin

your kite stingrays against the sun’s
dazzle painful to observe
while down below it menaces us —
prey too dense to fly

And some very nice things that some very nice people have said:

Engraft is a masterwork. Seminara’s deep gift lies in her fusion of the viscera of life with a transcendent poetic vision. By turns terrifying and tender, loving and lost, Seminara is a major new voice in contemporary poetry.” – Charles Bane, Jr.

“Michele Seminara’s analytic prayers, domestic fables and eloquent centos work their ludic wit and charms in the house of loss and disturbance. She is not afraid to say ‘beauty’ in the language of economy engrafted with careful flourishes.”
– Michelle Cahill

“There is a great restlessness in this collection – the poems grumble, push on, then soar. The reader is drawn progressively into that fascinating morass called life… It is no small treat to immerse oneself in this collection: let yourself in.” – Les Wicks

Engraft is chock-full of tender, brave poems with emotional depth. Seminara’s work displays control, deft pacing, and a fierce commitment to witness with clear eyes the horrors we commit upon ourselves and each other. A book filled with variety and surprise which you will want, and need, to return to many times.” – Melinda Louise Smith

And some info on the 1st Sydney launch (in case you’re in the vicinity!):


Michele Seminara’s first poetry collection Engraft explores the darker aspects of the human psyche and relationships.
This debut collection by a strong new poetic voice is being launched by distinguished poet Martin Langford.

Les Wicks’ Getting By Not Fitting In – the 13th book
by one of Australia’s most well loved and respected poets.
Launched by Chris Mansell

We are having a launch for both books at:

Friend in Hand Hotel
58 Cowper St, Glebe
(upstairs bar)
Saturday 6th February 2.30pm

You can order a copy of Engraft directly from this blog via Paypal.
Or contact micheleseminara@hotmail.com to organise a direct credit.
Cheques should be made payable to Michele Seminara & sent to 1 Seebrees St, Manly Vale, NSW 2093.
You can also order direct from Island Press at 29 Park Rd, Woodford NSW 2778. http://islandpress.tripod.com/ISLAND.htm



14 thoughts on “Engraft – A Sneak Peak!

  1. Dadicus Grinch says:

    Michele, I am thrilled for you, and us, your readers. I look forward to holding the book in my hand. The poem above speaks to why your talent deserves a wider readership and your voice demands to be heard–your poems manage to be fresh and original–the images linger long after reading them.

    Enjoy this much deserved moment.

    • Michele Seminara says:

      Many thanks, Michael! I’m so surprised to have become a poet, and even more surprised to have published a book! This blog has had a lot to do with that – I never would have had the confidence to develop my poetry without the encouragement of readers such as yourself! Thank you so much for all your support and for taking the time to leave such insightful comments. It means a lot.

  2. Malcolm Greenhill says:

    And I knew her before she was famous and recognized the talent even then. Yes, I did 🙂 Congratulations Michele, the book looks beautiful from the outside and I suspect it is even more beautiful on the inside.

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