My interview on The Australian Poetry Podcast


The Australian Poetry Podcast is a new initiatave started up by poets Nathan Hondros and Robbie Coburn. When ABC’s Poetica series was closed down late last year due to lack of funding, these brave poets decided, Hey, why not fill the gap and start up our own thing!

Armed with some rudimentary equipment, a wealth of poetic knowledge, passion and a go-get-’em attitude, they set about chatting to poets — and the resulting interviews are relaxed, informative and, I believe, an important contribution to the Australian literary scene.

To date they’ve interviewed well respected poets such as Andy Burke, Jill Jones, Mark Roberts, Beth Spencer, MTC Cronin and um, me! How I got onto that list, I don’t know, but I’m very proud to be there, and the interview process (while initially a cause for terror) tuned out to be hugely enjoyable. At the outset I do talk a little too much about my kids and my cat (who doesn’t?) — but hang in there, we do eventually get to poetry!

So please have a listen to episode 5 of the podcast, and while you’re there, subscribe to the Podcast feed so you can do what I do — listen while cleaning the bathroom; it makes a dreary job almost a pleasure.


4 thoughts on “My interview on The Australian Poetry Podcast

  1. Halfway through the podcast Michele, and enjoying it very much. I just spent about 5 minutes saying ‘Carol Ann Duffy’ at my phone as people tried to remember the UK Poet Laureate’s name! Nathan and Robbie certainly like a chat… 🙂

    Very cool.

    • Hi Penelope, yes, it’s very hard when put on the spot to sound vaguely intelligent and remember things – I’m surprised even my own name didn’t elude me! (It often does.) But thank you for listening, it was a lot of fun doing the podcast, and Nathan and Robbie are so relaxed and chatty, they made it very easy. Actually, I’m thinking you would make a brilliant interview subject — may I put your name forward?

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