The Lover

I have had a new poem published in PASH capsule, a fabulous Facebook page that deals in “contemporary romantic-erotic poetry and provocation” – sounds like fun!

This poem is a whiteout of a paragraph from Marguerite Duras’s wonderful novella, The Lover. Whiteout (or blackout) poetry is made by erasing words in a text, leaving behind a few carefully selected words to form a poem.

It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds! However it’s also a hugely enjoyable process which encourages a playful approach to writing, challenging you to create unexpected images and make unusual connections.

Please let me know what you think, and if you are on Facebook, you can check out PASH here.



28 thoughts on “The Lover

      • 🙂 Really did. Love your poetry, are you working on anything (like a book of poetry) at the moment??

        *Hint.* Haha.

        I saw a film a loooong time ago called The Lover, with two young Asian actors? Is that it? xo

      • The film of The Lover was a French production, with a mixed Asian and French cast, from memory – way back in the 90’s, so yes, a long time ago!
        Thank you for your hint! I think that this year I will work towards the goal of publishing a little chapbook (a kind of mini poetry book, bound in paper) but I want to take my time so that it is something I am completely happy with. And how is your film coming, Tanyeno?

      • Yes. I remember it Michele.

        Haha the 90s wasn’t that long ago, not really. It’s not the 50s…

        The plan for the poetry book sounds pretty interesting.

        Yes you should. The artist has to be happy with the work most of all. Otherwise the experience could prove discouraging (it should be fun).

        The film? Well I thought of something to tweak the ending yesterday, but now I am in query land. Now starts the process of speaking to people to sell them on the project, yourself as the writer-director etc.

        So it’s the switch from creative to business for a moment. 🙂 Thanks for asking.

        What will the name of your poetry book be? Do you have one yet? *So excited!*

      • Well, the screenplay (119 pages) is done. Has been since before Christmas, but I’m a maniac with rewrites. So I wanted to do one more when I got back home, but (not sure you know) my computer crashed! Had to get a new one.

        You know the name, it’s “Glo.” Same one I asked votes on, concerning the log lines.

        Anyway if you need a beta reader…*raises hand.*


      • Well, now it’s got to go incognito :(. The next stage for it is getting the team with whom I’m gonna make the film happen.The reading/live performance for audience feedback (concerning story) was done a while back.

        BUT, after I shoot it, maaaaaaybe I could share an edit?

        Otherwise I am now editing another screenplay, I hope to sell. Maybe you can read and give me feedback on that one?!? That, I will NEED.

        But first, what kind of movies do you like? This one is a slightly harsher drama than Glo.

        But if that’s not your thing, I’m also writing film shorts right now (to shoot by the end of 2014). You could choose from one of those, if that suits you better?

        Now let’s hope I’m not chasing the offer away! 😀

      • OK!!!!! GREAT!!!! I’ll let you know when it’s ready and you can let me know where you prefer it sent!!!! 🙂 🙂


        Have a great weekend (Friday there now)? 🙂 Talk soon.. xo

  1. Very sensual. I’m fascinated in the concept of whiteout (or blackout). Taking words already written but then by deleting some, make it completely new and different. I imagine it would be really hard to do! And yet so wonderful when you see what you want to be a part of your poem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wonder how the above might be coded, given the text inclusion, the text excluded, poetry with key and cipher, that is the sort of writing it reminds me about. Have to say the new verse does handle itself well, in an inclusive kind of way.

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