Contagion by Michele Seminara

My poem, ‘Contagion’, has been published in The Blue Hour magazine. Please check out this wonderful sight for poetry, prose, and art, and perhaps consider submitting something yourself! Many thanks to editors Susie and Moriah.

The Blue Hour

So now
after all your raging
you are
sweet again
meek again
wanting to reconcile


and I
am invaded
by your anger’s oily grey shadow,
which spread across the vast expanse of bed last night
and, ascending my carefully constructed
– cold shoulder –
seeped into my heart,
where it rose like Judas’s gall
in the festy heat of my hurt,
cloning itself a dark likeness…

So that I
upon waking
felt uneasy inside
and, opening my cavernous, unconscious mouth
spat the poison like spit-fire
into the wide waiting eyes of our child
(oh my child!)
who could not absorb it
but spewed it back in a torrent
of hot tears and indignation
and then skirted me,
with surprised looking eyes,
sensing that something that would harm it
had inhabited its mother –

All day I struggled to reconcile
the purport of my love with its lack,

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7 thoughts on “Contagion by Michele Seminara

  1. What a journey through emotion, and I love how I felt like these were my emotions by the end. Powerful writing Michele and congratulations on the publication of your work once again.

  2. Michele, “Anger’s oily grey shadow,” spreading, seeping, cloning darkness across the VAST expanse of bed, and yes, the carefully constructed chilly armor around the heart….such delicious language evoking vivid images and emotions. Potent, beautfiul….xo

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