Child’s Mind

picture of children's faces in baloons

‘Blue’n Red’ by Michael D. Edens

Little child with eyes like darts
please hurl them at my hardened heart;
perhaps they'll lodge in fissures there
explode and blow me wild and bare.

Little child with face like corn
field spreading wide as eye can see -
allow me to drown my dark dolor
in your anesthetizing sea.

Little child with mind like nascent
cloud on volatile day,
teach me how to dissipate
and gently fade away.

35 thoughts on “Child’s Mind

    • Hello, quite a coincidence! My middle name is Joanne, so if you tell me that is your first name, that would be getting a little freaky! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the poem, and thanks so much for re blogging it and your kind words. I am looking forward to your next poem also (hint hint) Have a lovely evening.

      • Hahaha. I’ve written my next poem, I’m scared to post it.

        Hahaha. My first name is Tanyeno. I love that your parents named you Joanne. I love grown up names for chilren, what vision to look at you as a baby and call you Joanne.

        I believe people grown into their names and it is a woman’s name not a girl. Anyway, isn’t that a coincidence?!!

        Yes, I absolutely LOVE the poem. You’re an extraordinary writer. Are you published? Would you like to be one day?

        Anyway, now I will be checking back with you. Thank-you for posting that Michele (it’s exactly how I feel toward children).


      • Hoping to post a little story today and some new poems over the next few weeks. Oftentimes the cares and concerns of life intrude but always I return to this work. Last few weeks very occupied with all the lovely people in my life and a small cardiac event. I always try to be a patient patient and accept with gratitude being back here at my desk on a lovely morning doing what I love. Good to hear from you.

      • Ah no, you’ve not been well then! I’m sorry to hear that. I remember well the poem you posted from hospital some months back, with the image of the fish bowl and all the faces peering in – it made quite an impact on me. It must indeed be so lovely to be out of that bowl and back behind your own familiar desk! I look forward to those stories and poems. Take care.

      • Thank you Michele, little story posted, it was what I thought of when we found a tiny fragment of pottery on the beach at the end of our street, hope you enjoy.

  1. I read this over and over and each time my eyes lit up a little more. You always take such a fine, but fiery thread, cast it so skilfully and draw us into your depths. These little children with such enormous gifts. Nicely done Michele.

  2. April is National Poetry Month here in the U.S. So, I would like to take this opportunity to salute you, Michele Seminara, for you are one of my favorite poets!! Thanks for always being so fresh with your imagery and approach. You words linger with the reader long after they are read. Bravo!

    • Thank you Michael! I love it that you have National Poetry Month. I heard there is a poem in your pocket day that is part of that, and I thought it sounded delightful. I imagine people at bus stops shyly pulling out their favourite poems on crumpled pages (or more probably iPhones, but lets stay with crumpled pages, much more poetic!) to reverently share them before moving on, having altered each other’s hearts and minds a little forever…ah, I’m sure it’s nothing like this, but from here I can imagine it is! I think I need to look into starting this up in Australia,,,, Thanks for your salutations, and I salute you for being one such poetry lover! Take care.

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