Orange Flower & Bee by Joe RussoEncoded




flower  to  flower




naked  power


Author: Michele Seminara

Poet, critic and managing editor of Verity La creative arts journal.

42 thoughts on “Cryptic”

  1. I imagine her, this omnipresent creator to be mother nature? The encoded bit reminds me of the genome program and the mapping of all DNA code that is happening.

    1. Hi David, I like your interpretation, especially regarding the DNA coding! I wasn’t consciously thinking of that – for me the ultimate creator is not just Mother Nature, but the true nature of our own minds (just to get a bit Buddhisty on you). However, this is what I love about poetry – you write a poem, but then it gets rewritten in the mind of each reader. Your poem is cool!

  2. Lovely, Michele!

    Now I see why you liked the Margaret Morley post at One of her many works is/was The Bee People.

    Buzz on, Susan

  3. Michele there is a certain vibrancy that appears so alive in your site, your gravatar and the whole spirit of it overall. I think your smile helps also. I am bless by you always visiting my blog site and I wanted to say that, now I feel the spirit of the site and my heart smiles greatly. I feel certain blessings dancing in your spirit. God bless always my sister! Have a beautiful week ahead!

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