I have had a short prose piece Water water everywhere published recently in The Blue Hour Magazine. You can read it here.

For those who write or take photos, The Blue Hour is calling for submissions. See above, get involved, and spread the word!

The Blue Hour

We are looking for Love in all shades – from blue tears to red fire light. We’d like your prose, poetry or artwork. Yes, this call also goes out to the jaded or those in love with the less traditional, like family, nature, or your art…anything that you’re passionate about.

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  1. Thank you! I’ll be heading over there after I post this, to submit something. In return, what do you know of the Pash Capsule, via Facebook? I know the editor, and can put you two in touch if you’d love to contribute to it.

    • Hi Phillip,
      I had never heard of Pash Capsule, but just checked it out – I loved the concept. I would very much like to contribute! Thanks for the recommendation. If you could put me in contact with the editor I would really appreciate it.

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