As if

John Everett Millais - The Artist Attending the Mourning of a Young Girl ...
We live as if we never die
as if this dream's not real;
small partings now may make us cry -
but the end's invisible!

We're thrust into this striving world
and before we've wrestled breath,
the race begins to see who can 
live least before their death.


27 thoughts on “As if

  1. Yes, understanding the ‘big picture’ will help us set better priorities and make the most of our few years. Wonderful poem, Michele.

  2. A friend of mine lost his mother this week suddenly to an aneurysm. No warning–just gone like that. She was sixty and retiring this month from her job. This poem reminds me that we must not put off living. There are too many examples of how we “live least”. I so want to change that in me. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

    • Thanks Michael, I want to change that in me too. In Buddhism we do a lot of meditation on death, which might sound macabre but is intended to combat this very forgetfulness in us. Strange how difficult we find it to remember something so fundamental and important! Do we just get caught up, or don’t we really want to know? I’m not sure…

  3. Wonderful poem Michele, and your message is right on point! I love this poem…it teaches in a way that might change hearts and minds to really live every life moment to its fullest, as nothing is guranteed tommorrow! God bless!

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