Mother Love

'Sleeping child' by Bernardo Strozzi (17th century)
My son sleeping
is divine 
with breath as tender
as his mind

With heart so soft
inside its shell -

Dear God
may this cage house him well!

22 thoughts on “Mother Love

    • Mothers see the sweet boy inside the grown man, and love and want to protect him always. Even if that is no longer physically possible, the heart never stops wishing and worrying – just part of the job I guess!

  1. Michele, I love how you always seem to blend the beauty and the starkness of life. The beginning reminds us of how peaceful we feel when we look at our babies sleeping, then the reader see’s the word cage in the last line–perhaps a metaphor for some of the obstacles/limitations our children will confront, as we have before them. Your work always pleases and surprises. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much Michael, you are a very astute reader! I was wondering if anyone would get the ‘cage’ reference, but its really meaningful to me as I feel very strongly that we are all divine sparks trapped in our limited minds and bodies. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments.

  2. Michele, I loved this meditation on your beautiful son… and on all children,… I experienced another feeling when I read the word cage… it also felt like a protection from “what perils and dangers” in the words of the prayer book – might lie ahead… the imagery reminded me of the curving shell that protests the tortoise…
    just another response… which may seem a bit way out….

  3. Not at all Valerie, that was also very much in my mind as I wrote this poem – as you say a cage can protect as we’ll as constrain. If only we could really protect our children, but the human condition necessitates suffering it seems! This awareness of the hearts vulnerability coupled with the knowledge of the perils ahead was really what pushed me to write this poem. So thank you for your insightful comment!

  4. Lovely, tender and, of course, shadowed. What an intriguing woman you are, Michele. Wish we could sip our tea together sometime–perhaps we do so on another plane. That would be my pleasure. xo

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