Sky Burial

Tibetan Sky BurialI look so unremarkable
but then I imagine
so do you.

And the secrets inside
that we like to hide
are probably boring too.

So listen
why don’t we share them?
Cut our guts open
and air them?

We can have a sky burial
and invite birds of carrion
to transform
our dark feelings to food.


20 thoughts on “Sky Burial

  1. Yes, the sky burial is a fascinating process. Besides being practical (the ground in Tibet is too hard for underground burial and fuel for cremation fires is difficult to come by) it has a beautiful spiritual significance. The practise reminds us of the impermanence of this body, it helps to develop non-attachment for the body, and opens us up to the possibility of transforming what is base in us. It is also a beautiful expression of compassion for all other living beings, as we give our very body to help feed others!

  2. Just reading through some of your writing, and this one made me stop and think. Quite remarkable, in it’s way. The form is simple, the expression straightforward, but the ideas behind it profound. I too love the thought of the sky burial, reminds me of some of the american indian tribes putting their dead in the open, in nests up in the trees. I could easily go for something like that myself. But your metaphorical release of the hidden to the sharp light of day, and the transformation into what fuels a soaring flight – lyrical. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t know that about the American Indian burial practices! I could go for that also. This poem is simple, but I have a soft spot for it as well. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the thoughtful comments.

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