A Halloween Poem By Moonlight

The Moon Tarot card from the 1910 Rider-Smith-Waite Tarot Deck.
The Moon tarot card represents unconscious fears, strong dreams, intuition and imagination.

I want my poems
to disturb you
creep up sideways
and unnerve you

Sidle into your
peripheral vision
and slither in through
your too thin skin

I want my poems
to observe you
coolly through
their slitted eyes –

And when you’ve had
enough of them
I’ll call them home
to me again.


Author: Michele Seminara

Poet, critic and managing editor of Verity La creative arts journal. http://verityla.com/

7 thoughts on “A Halloween Poem By Moonlight”

  1. hmm..interesting. I believe.. anyway, let that be. some other time. Your thought is cooler than mine. let it be. hahaha..

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