A Mother Must

"Diving Down" by Laurie Frank 2008

“Diving Down” by Laurie Frank 2008

I have decided that
is right for me
because I have so little
time to write you see.

A mother must
to brush her teeth
while pondering questions
of life and death.

She must hold in mind
to give birth to later
and incubate them
while cooking the dinner.

She must dive clean
where the stillness lies
while the world unhinges
just outside.

She must swim down
and snatch a gem
and return, reborn,
to the surface again.


16 thoughts on “A Mother Must

    • Hi Valerie, thanks for your lovely comments. If you click on the link that was in the tweet -http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-/latest/15068392/top-neurosurgeon-spent-six-days-in-heaven-during-a-coma/ – that will take you to the article -it’s really fascinating!

  1. Your poem aptly reflects the radiance of your noble and exquisite spirit. You share the most beautiful part of you…your heart’s love. The image and your words provide such a very inspiring lift! I am happy to be able to share a small part of you through our blog world! May the peace of heaven always surround you and your family my sister!

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